Vibrant: full of energy and enthusiasm. Life: vitality, vigor, or energy.

As a kid, I loved Coca Cola and all things candy. I grew up in the heartland of Minnesota. In the middle of corn fields and summer laking swimming, I grew up eating casseroles, pasta, crackers, and all things processed. I had my first fresh green bean in college. Most of our meals came out of cans and bags bought off of the shelves. It made our lives more stream line and easy. my Mom did the best with what she had.

At 1 1/2 years old I had a fever high enough to cause a hospital visit with convulsions. By the age of four, I had a head injury after flying off a merry-go-round, expecting my dad’s arms to catch me. But then, instead, I found the ground. There was a seven year stretch where I had strep throat every time we went to visit my grandma Ruth. I seemed to be on penicillin continuously. I can still taste those chalky pills as I write this. By 16, I developed Mononucleosis and was out of school for close to a month. My mother was convinced I had a learning disability because I had trouble focusing and following through and had serious brain fog.

By college I hadn’t had a real solid pooh in years, if ever. My mother pushed me to start amphetamines and I lost my appetite while my psychiatrist told me this would solve all my problems. It didn’t. My heart raced and my mouth went dry. I knew I needed to make a change. I knew I didn’t want to have an amphetamine deficiency. I didn’t want to be dependent on a medication that made me feel unlike myself.

I had a deep knowing that my body and brain could heal if given the proper organic tools. When my Mom died suddenly after a rare cancer diagnosis, I was sent into a grieving spiritual transformation. Five months from diagnosis to funeral-I watched her deteriorate. I watched her heed every word of her doctor’s advice with none of it changing the outcome of her downward spiral. It forever changed me.

I couldn’t let another family feel so cut off from the most basic nutrition and wellness information that is available, but often not mainstream. I wanted to spend my life sharing what I learned and partnering with those people with chronic health problems to understand they have more power than they realize. When you take away the excess and fill in where there are deficiencies, your body wakes up to it’s vibrant birthright. The body unfolds into wellness naturally.

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