Work With TVL

Discovery Call

You can schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call to chat with me and decide if it will be a good fit to work together. This call is free and can be scheduled through this website.

Premier Case Review

This is a full review of your entire health history from birth to present, as well as pertinent familial history (mental as well as physical health). This package includes: two sessions (one hour in length). The first is a deep dive into your heath history. We will look at your health from three different tiers, and flush out a matrix that identifies patterns and/or touchstones of your health journey.

After the first session, your practitioner will do case review and case consultation regarding your individual case. This methodology is key to gathering information for the whole picture of your health story.

In between these sessions, there is work done behind the scenes; building your matrix and flushing out your health timeline.

The second session consists of a review of the details of your case, with asking clarifying questions that will deepen our understanding of your full story. This will fill in any additional details we may have overlooked or have recently come up since we met. Additionally, recommendations for next steps will happen. This includes a breakdown of what we uncovered, as well as an action plan developed for your specific bio-individual needs. This matrix is a visual tool designed to pinpoint where you may need strengthening, and/or where you may have excess toxins, or have certain nutrient deficiencies in your body. For some, these two sessions will conclude our work together. For others, more time together is desired.

3 Month Individual Program

This package is designed for those that want more support in their health changes. It includes one on one sessions every other week for three months. We will track, assess, and readjust as needed. The advantages includes a deeper understanding and coaching on behavior changes. It took a lifetime for these symptoms to develop, and often takes dedication and hard work to rebalance your inner terrain.

This package includes six (one hour) sessions with me, paced according to your progress and goals. It is designed to be completed within a five-month time frame and does have an expiration date.  You will receive various tools, resources, and an action plan to meet your individual needs.

6 Month Individual Program

You’ll partner with me as your health detective. This package is a deeper dive into rebalancing and tapping into your bodies natural healing. We will meet for one hour sessions every other week for 6 months. This package includes twelve (one hour) sessions with me. We will track, assess, and map your progress. These sessions are meant to be completed concurrently, so that you experience the maximum benefit of the changes and progress you’re making.

You will receive tools, resources, and an action plan according to your bio-individual needs. This package expires within an eight month time frame.

For: Women Who Work at Home or Office and Women Who Own Businesses.

What: Individual 60 minute meetings twice a month, Grocery Store Tour Video, Pantry help, Access to my library of cooking videos, Individual Plan for you, Accountability, Meal Planning for You and Your Kids, Unconditional Positive Regard, Class Access, Telegram Group (community), Monthly Cooking Demo, Tips for your Kitchen, Access to podcast and blogs, Video Series/Audio courses, Live Programs

Follow Up Power Session

After you have completed the Premier Case Review, 3 month Premier Counseling Package, or 6 month Premier Counseling Package; you may feel the need to come back for an update. This may be with new labs or new symptoms. I will review, assess, and make recommendations for next steps. Typically, these services are helpful on a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual basis. This service is not covered by insurance. You may pay cash or credit card.

Our practice is all cash or credit card, and is not currently covered by insurance.


Why hire a Functional Nutrition Lifestyle Practitioner?

Functional nutrition is different. It is based in functional medicine. It’s based on the belief that once you remove the excess, and put back in what is missing, your body does what it was meant to do-be vibrant and healthy. My training comes from the Functional Nutrition Alliance. In addition to studying every system in the body anatomically, we also look at your entire health history (physical and emotional) to determine when imbalances may have started. We work with a timeline, use a specific matrix looking at the whole body as a unit, and weigh your own experience in the mix. Bioindividuality is key, because no two people are alike. In addition, I have access to hundreds of other trained functional nutrition counselors from all over the world.

What other training to do you have as a practitioner?

In addition to the Functional Nutrition Alliance, I am also a Nationally Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor. I have a Masters in Counseling (graduated in 2005). I worked with elementary school children for nine years, and have been in private practice since now 2012. I enjoy helping families find balance with their mental health and freedom in their bodies. My experience with my clients in my mental health private practice led me to certifications and learning in nutrition. Chronic mental health problems can stem from an imbalance in the body. Making tweaks in lifestyle choices, correcting a deficiency or toxic excess in the body, and offering tips on integrative mental health remain at the heart of my passion for my clients. I am also trained as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City. This allows me to utilize many different diets and lifestyle choices to land on one that works best for each individual.

What will I learn from this experience?

What you learn depends on how open you are to unfolding into new lifestyle changes, your progress each week, your willingness for self reflection, and your desire to change. If you are ready for change, and want to get curious-this will be fun. It can also be challenging. But change starts with a decision to do something different.

What information should I bring into my Premier Case Review?

You will fill out the integrative health assessment ahead of time, which will help me to narrow in and ask the right questions (when we do finally meet), and zero in on the best approach to handling your current circumstances.

Can I work longer than six months with This Vibrant Life?

For many people, six months feels like a good amount of time to feel rebalanced and recharged. If additional care is needed, we can reassess at that time.