Your Health Begins with Your Story

It took a long time for you to evolve into the person you are today. Like you, my own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle began with my own struggles as a kid, but intensified after seeing my Mom die of cancer when she was just 55. Despite my thirst for knowledge in nutrition and health, I too experienced my own setbacks-brain fog, painful autoimmune symptoms, and a dramatic decrease in my energy levels. This led me to become a health detective for myself. I learned what is missing. When you partner with me on your journey to unfolding wellness, bio-individuality will be at the heart of your rebalancing.

Functional Nutrition in Clinical Practice

My clinical nutrition education at the Functional Nutrition Alliance combined with my 15 years as a mental health counselor, (11 years in private practice as a Nationally Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor) allows me to approach your story and healing form a unique perspective (physically, mentally, and spiritually). My tools and methods are a bridge for you to unfold into the life you want-body, mind, and soul.

This Vibrant Life Library

The biggest freedom in health is remembering the true natural healing capacity of your body. My twenty plus years of excitement and obsession with alternative medicine, eastern philosophy, functional medicine, and spiritual health has brought me here today. I couldn’t do this work alone though. I’ve collected a wealth of information from healers I respect and trust. These books and healers are highlighted on the This Vibrant Life Library page.